SIMBA# 3.0 is coming

The new version of the SIMBA# simulation system, SIMBA# 3.0, was presented at the IFAT 2018 trade fair in Munich. It can be ordered through our sales partners "inCTRL Solution" and "ifak technology+service". A demo version  of SIMBA# 3.0 will be available for download on the SIMBA portal shortly. In addition to numerous improvements, SIMBA# 3.0 contains the following new features:

  • Revised, intuitive library structure
  • Network license also for temporary offline work
  • Web-App and Web-API for easy operation and better integration of SIMBA
  • Integrated start page for a quick entry into the SIMBA world
  • Support of Visual Studio code for script programming
  • Modelling of supply infrastructures with the Supply Library
  • Support for batch tests in the laboratory through the Batch library
  • Various model extensions (e.g. Anammox)
  • Substrate models for improved modelling of biogas systems
  • Options for gas management and extension of biogas examples
  • Additional sewage treatment plants and sewer system examples, e.g. DWA M180 – „Astlingen“ benchmark model for real time control of urban drainage systems 
  • Biofilm reactor blocks for specific process variants (MABR, aerobic granular sludge)
  • Addtional model for river water quality modelling:  RWQM (River Water Quality Model No. 1) of IWA
  • Model-based control (e.g. predictive control) for virtual commissioning and online simulation with ifakFAST

Further information can be found in the new product flyers of SIMBA#water, SIMBA#biogas and SIMBA#classroom in the download area.