The simulation system SIMBA#Biogas is a versatile software for modelling and dynamic simulation of biogas plants (agricultural, waste) which are based on the wet digestion principle. SIMBA#Biogas is a stand-alone simulation platform and replaces the biogas modelling of the previous software SIMBA 6.6, which requires the software Matlab®/ Simulink™ from MathWorks Inc.

SIMBA#Biogas offers all components needed for a sound analysis of wet digestion plants. The solution includes explicit reactor models, a digestion model approach capable of multiple substrates, based on the Anaerobic Digestion Model No. 1 (ADM1) of the International Water Association, and a corresponding influent model. SIMBA#Biogas allows the realisation of a wide range of applications in engineering practice, research and education. This includes design and optimisation of plant layouts, processes and control concepts.

SIMBA#Biogas is programmed in C# and can be used with Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems.

Sales and Support

ifak technology+service GmbH is in charge of sales for SIMBA#biogas in German speaking Contries (D, A, Ch) and the Netherlands. For other countries inCTRL solutions will provide sales and service.

Application areas

  • Design of biogas plants
  • Development and testing of individual real-time process control solutions
  • Assessment of plant performance
  • Optimisation of feeding strategies and plant operation

Key Functionality

  • Pre-configured input models for various agricultural waste sources
  • State-of-the-art biokinetic model based on ADM1
  • Support of different process control concepts (function blocks, Petri nets, PLC code)
  • Prediction of COD, TSS, VSS, NH4, N, pH, CH4, VOA, TAC
  • Comfortable editors for model developments and extensions