SIMBA classroom

SIMBA#classroom offers simulations of actived sludge wastewater treatment plants. This software is intended for educational purposes and is therefore limited in its openness and functionality. It requires a short training time and is easy to use. For modelling the activated sludge, the Activated Sludge Model No. 3 (ASM3) is used. The ASM3 is modified according to the guidelines of the German Hochschulgruppe (HSG) "Simulation". This model approach generates simulation results that correspond to the Arbeitsblatt A 131 of the ATV-DWVK. Using SIMBA classroom, students and WWTP staff will be able to create and simulate wastewater treatment plant models within a few moments.

Sales and Support

ifak technology+service GmbH is in charge of sales for SIMBA#classroom in German speaking Contries (D, A, Ch) and the Netherlands. For other countries inCTRL solutions will provide sales and service.