The simulation system SIMBA# allows the holistic consideration of sewer system, wastewater treatment plant, sludge treatment and rivers. This new version SIMBA# is a stand alone simulation software and replaces the previous SIMBA 6.6 which was based on the basis software Matlab®/SIMULINK™ by MathWorks Inc.. All components necessary for a thorough analysis of the constituent subsystems, including their interactions, are now available within the same simulator. SIMBA can be applied for a large variety of tasks in engineering practice and in research and education. This ranges from plant and process design to analysis and operational optimisation of operation of urban wastewater systems. 

SIMBA# is programmed in C# and it runs under the Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems.


ifak technology+service GmbH is in charge of sales for SIMBA in German speaking Contries (D, A, Ch) and the Netherlands. For other countries inCTRL solutions will provide sales and service.

Application areas

SIMBA facilitates applications in engineering practice and in research and education:

  • Planning and design of WWTPs, considering operational variants including control
  • Optimisation of process design and operation of existing WWTPs
  • Analysis of process water management, sludge treatment and energy consumption
  • Analysis of flows in urban areas
  • Development and test of strategies for real time control of urban drainage systems
  • Analysis of interactions of runoff, wastewater treatment and receiving water quality
  • Analysis of process water treatment, sludge treatment and energy consumption

Model libraries

The setting up of simulation models is based on the graphically linking of model blocks- these blocks represent unit processes (e.g. sewer section, primary treatment, activated sludge tanks). SIMBA´s block library is the starting point for each simulation project. It contains blocks for the definition of wastewater and sludge flows. Additional blocks allow you to split and combine wastewater flows and also include sedimentation tanks and various reactor models (continously stirred tank reactors, plug-flow reactors) in order to allow the simulation of any arbitrary chemical and biological treatment process.

  • Activated Sludge processes for wastewater treatment (ASM1, ASM3, ASM3biop)
  • Biofilm processes of wastewater treatment (fixed-bed)
  • Anaerobic digestion processes, sludge treatment
  • Wastewater transport, storage and conversion processes in sewer systems
  • Water transport and quality in natural receiving waters
  • Control functions
  • Animated visualisation of simulation results